Andrzej Zimniak, Ph.D.




Personal data:

Born 3 Oct. 1946 r. in Warsaw; married; one child.


M.Sc. in drug chemistry in 1969, from Warsaw University of Technology, Department of Chemistry.

Ph.D. in organic chemistry and spectroscopy in 1976, from Warsaw University of Technology, Department of Chemistry.

Postgraduate education in spectroscopy and biochemistry: Cornell University in Ithaca, USA (1977-78).

Professional activity:

Academic appointments:

Warsaw University of Technology (1974-93, specialist).

University of Texas, Houston, USA (3 months, 1987-88, research associate).

University of Arkansas, Little Rock, USA (6 months, 1990-91, visiting professor).

Medical Academy of Warsaw (1993-now, adjunct - position close to assistant professor, but less independent).


43 scientific reviewed articles

55 contributions on conferences

  2 patent applications

Current and last research projects:

Structural studies on biologically active compounds by NMR, X-ray, MS and IR, non-bonding interactions, molecular modeling by AM1, PM3, DFT. Flavonoids, cephalosporins, anthracyclines, complexes of azines.

Educational activity:

Application of spectral methods in analysis, physical chemistry (lectures, seminars, laboratory practice).


Grant from KBN "Investigations on supramolecular biazine systems", 1993-94, head of project.


Polish Chemical Society.

Association of Polish Writers (literary output: 11 books of fiction).

Promotion of science:

Editor-in-chief of the scientific electronic journal "Bulletin of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Medical University of Warsaw", 2003-now.

Program editor in Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Chemistry), 1997-99.

Editor and co-author of book "Genetic engineering - on the threshold of new century", PAN, Warszawa 2000.

Co-ordinator of Science Festivals on the Faculty of Pharmacy, 1997-now.

Co-ordinator of Science Festivals in the Association of Polish Writers, 2000-now.

Author of ca. 100 popular scientific articles in journals.



Updated: Oct. 2009